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Summit Park

Located on the grounds of the former Blue Ash Airport, Summit Park offers an array of activities geared toward families. You can experience a view of the city from the Observation Tower, go on a hike, or walk your dog around the Naturescape Playground. You can find information on all of these and more by clicking here.

You can also enjoy free outdoor concerts, restaurants, and a large lawn area.

Observation Tower

The 153-foot observation tower at Summit Park is currently closed for a series of upcoming improvements to flooring and railing. The City of Blue Ash thanks everyone for their patience and support during this time.

The new tower overlooks a space that attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year for summer concerts and the annual Red, White, and Blue Ash Festival. Park officials say they’ve been working on security plans for the tower from the beginning and will continue to keep people safe.

Hensley says the development makes Summit Park more attractive for businesses and new residents. He believes it’s part of a movement toward urban walkable amenities in suburban settings. It’s a trend driven by millennials who want to live and work close together, and downsizing baby boomers who want the convenience of downtown-style living. The Neighborhoods at Summit Park is a mixed-use project on about 100 acres of the former airport property. It includes office spaces, apartments, and homes.


Summit Park is a world-class community park that provides entertainment, activities, and unique learning opportunities year-round. Guests can take in a spectacular view of the region from the free Observation Tower, explore the Naturecape playground and trails, catch a fish in the lake, walk their furry friend at the dog park, dine at one of Summit Park’s exceptional restaurants and so much more.

This unique park is the first of its kind in the country and features a Children’s Nature Playscape that utilizes the earth’s elements (water, grass, sand, mud, sticks, and timber) to influence unstructured play in a safe, natural environment. This type of play is known to improve social interaction, connect kids with nature, foster creativity and problem-solving, force imaginative play, and teach risk-tasking.

The park also has a traditional playground that uses Playground Grass by ForeverLawn instead of the more typical pour-in-place surfacing. The playground Grass has mounds that the kids climb on, under, and over – kids favored this surfacing 10:1 over traditional equipment. Here is another spot to visit.


Summit Park is so much more than a wide open space and a one-of-a-kind playground. It’s also home to four mouthwatering restaurants that you can enjoy after spending the day at this Cincinnati gem.

Whether you want to grab some breakfast at Brown Dog Café, try a taco from Tahona, or eat a scoop of ice cream from Nanny Belle’s, these restaurants are sure to please. They offer different settings, service types, and tastes so you can choose the perfect place to dine after a fun-filled day at Summit Park.

The park will soon welcome Sugar N’ Spice Diner to its list of locations, with a new restaurant opening this summer in the Approach at Summit Park. This will be the diner’s third location, with other locations in Paddock Hills and Over-the-Rhine. Owner Adam Mayerson told the Cincinnati Business Courier he hopes the Blue Ash location will bring more awareness to the brand. He added that he’d love to eventually expand the diner into downtown Cincinnati.


Summit Park, located in the center of Blue Ash, is a 130-acre world-class park that provides exciting events and activities year-round for locals and visitors. Enjoy a breathtaking view from the free Observation Tower, play on the Naturecape playground and discovery trails, fish in the pond or dine in one of the outstanding on-site restaurants. Summit Park also serves as an exceptional venue for national and regional entertainment and offers unique winter fun with ice skating and sledding.

Join a group of your fellow skateboarders for this Valentine’s Day cruise session around Summit Park in Blue Ash! Bring your boards, quads, or scooters and get sent to the park.

The City of Blue Ash hosts a number of special events at Summit Park throughout the year including Red, White & Blue Ash, free fitness, Summit Cinema presented by Toyota, Warm 98.5 Ice Rink, and more! Up next is Sharon Woods Park.


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