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From Australia to Your Roof

At Your Service’s logo runs deeper than you might think. In 1999, our founder traveled to Australia through a study abroad opportunity offered at his university. He’ll never forget the first time he saw the famous “little penguins” on the beaches of Victoria, Australia. That day began his fondness for penguins. Their commitment to their colony, lifelong relationships, and cheeky behavior were something endearing and to be admired.

When looking for a logo that would differentiate his company from others, he realized nothing better personified his business than that of the humble penguin.
The orange color personifies friendliness, joy, determination, and enthusiasm. All traits felt in the creation of his new business.

Adding the bowtie gave a quick and simple tuxedo appearance signifying the white glove experience that we expect every homeowner to have when working with us. That personal butler touch is just one of the many things that makes us stand out from our competition. We believe that our penguin truly gives you a taste of the culture that we have created here at At Your Service Roofing.