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Factors That Affect the Prices of a Roof Installation

Factors That Affect the Prices of a Roof Installation

Various factors can affect the prices of a roof installation. From a roofing material’s price to labor costs, there are many variables that can impact the overall cost of a new roof.

A major factor is the size of your roof and its complexity. A complex roof with a large coverage area, hips and valleys, or a steep pitch will require more staging and labor for safety reasons.

Size and Complexity of Your Roof

The size of your roof and its complexity will affect the price of materials and labor. For instance, if your home has dormers or other roof sections, they will require additional materials and can add up to the overall square footage of your roofing.

Roof Installation

Also, the pitch (slope) of your roof will increase costs. Steep roofs will need more nails and other materials to ensure the shingles stay in place.

Roofers need easy access to the roof in order to remove the old roofing, place the new roofing material and perform other tasks. If the house has tight property lines, dense landscaping or a pool that are close to the roof, it will take longer and cost more to access and work on the roof.


The type of roofing materials that are used can have a significant impact on the overall cost. Asphalt shingles are the most popular and affordable but other options such as tile, slate, wood or metal can be significantly more expensive.

The roof insulation that is installed can also increase the total project cost. Some insulation options are more efficient than others and may lead to a decrease in energy costs.

The roof drainage system is another important factor that can influence the cost of the roof installation. For example, a septic system will require special equipment and can increase the cost of the roof installation. In addition, the roof gutters and drains must be properly installed to ensure that the water is channeled away from the structure.


In addition to the roofing materials, the price of a new roof also includes labor. Depending on the size and complexity of your roof, labor costs can vary.

Roof Installation

For example, a roof with many roof facets, hips, valleys and a steep pitch is more difficult to install than a simple ranch-style roof. Steep roofs require extra safety equipment and slow the installation process.

Accessibility is another factor affecting labor costs. If your roof is hard to reach, the contractor must take special precautions for their own safety and this will increase your overall cost.

Additional features or alterations, such as installing a skylight or chimney, will also add to the overall cost of your roof installation. In addition, any existing roof debris must be removed prior to installation and this is a labor-intensive part of the project.

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