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A History of Quality Service

At Your Service Roofing was founded by Chris Zimmerman in 2005. At the time, Chris was 25 years old and newly married to his wife Heather. Just a few years removed from an Economics degree at Denison University, Chris found himself disenchanted with the world of corporate finance. Morning commutes before the sun came up and late nights in the office long past sunset left a deep desire of wanting something more. Leaning on his family’s background in real estate and his father’s roofing and remodeling business where Chris spent his summers throughout high school and breaks from college, Chris decided to return to his roots of roofing.

At the time it was a small, simple way to earn a living. Perhaps just something to pass a few years as he and Heather figured out their life’s direction. As a few years turned into a decade or so, Chris and Heather changed their outlook on the business. No longer was it a way to earn a living. It became much more about providing a legacy business for their 4 young boys. As time went on and At Your Service Roofing grew in size and reputation, the business transformed yet again into the business we are today.

Now, At Your Service Roofing is about so much more than providing quality roofing services. It’s about blessing our local community through volunteer work and giving to local charities, creating a culture inside the business of improving ourselves and our team through personal development, and also about creating a much larger family. A roof family full of professional, caring, and like-minded people focused on delivering exceptional customer service while improving the lives of our team members and their families. Today, we are proud to be a team made of a wide variety of backgrounds. Our team members have work histories in Banking, Finance, Trucking and Transportation, Real Estate, Sales, Construction, Non-Profits, as well as several former business owners. This wide variety of experience and backgrounds now provides the foundation for the business as it grows and continues to transform.

We are very proud of our team, our products and services, and our commitment to our customers. We hope we have the opportunity to share these talents and relationships with you.