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Juilfs Park

Located in Anderson Township, this popular park features wet and dry playgrounds, basketball courts, three competition-level ball diamonds, and seasonal soccer fields. The park also offers a paved walking trail and covered picnic areas.

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The park features a playground for kids of all ages, a one-mile paved hike/bike trail, and open areas to play sports. There are also a number of picnic shelters, family swings, and ball diamonds.

The playground is farm-themed and features a variety of ways for kids to climb, slide, and explore. It is a great choice for kids with disabilities or sensory issues as it meets accessibility guidelines and is completely mulch-free.

The park is open from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year, excluding special events. It was created from two parcels, with the south eight acres donated in 1980 and the north 18 acres purchased from the Juilfs Foundation in 1983. It is home to Lasting Gifts including adopted trees and the “Apple of Your Eye” Tribute Tree. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, a water play area is active. This is scheduled to be turned on by Memorial Day weekend and turned off after Labor Day.

Soccer Fields

Juilfs Park is a neighborhood park that has soccer fields and a paved walking trail. The park is located in Anderson Township, about 12 miles from downtown Cincinnati. The park is one of the most popular neighborhood parks in the area. The park is a great place for families to spend a day with the kids.

There are numerous playground structures for children of all ages, including a toddler play area. The park is also home to two sand volleyball courts, three tennis courts, and a basketball court. There are also baseball, soccer, and multi-purpose fields at the park.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the park features a water play area. The area is farm-themed, and the water is turned on around 10 a.m. and turned off towards the end of the day. Other amenities include a paved hiking trail, covered picnic areas, and porch swings. The park also follows the new trend of not allowing dogs. Visit another area in town here.

Walking Trail

The one-mile paved hike/bike trail winds throughout the park. Picnic areas and family swings can be found scattered throughout. This park features an expansive farm-themed playground that was renovated in 2013, and a new water play area, largely funded by the Juilfs Foundation.

This neighborhood park is open from dawn to dusk 365 days a year, excluding special events. The water play area, a soccer field, and a paved walking trail are some of the most popular attractions. Juilfs Park is also the most popular location for Lasting Gifts, such as adopted trees and the “Apple of Your Eye” Tribute Tree.

The Park District’s main office is located in Juilfs Park until 2021 when it will move to the Anderson Parks RecPlex, 6915 Beechmont Avenue. In 1980, eight acres were donated to the park by Elizabeth Juilfs, and the remaining 18 were purchased from the Juilfs Foundation in 1983. The park was dedicated on July 19, 1986.

Picnic Areas

Juilfs Park is another neighborhood park in Anderson Township and it offers many activities for the entire family to enjoy. It is a favorite spot for families who enjoy the paved walking trail and picnic areas. The playground and soccer fields are also popular with children.

The park also has a water play area that is farm-themed. This is a seasonal feature that turns on around 10 a.m. and then turns off towards the end of the day.

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