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Glenwood Gardens

335 acres of prairie, forest & wetland habitat with walking trails & a gift shop. Kids’ Garden & Highfield Discovery Garden are additional attractions at this county park. 1.0-mile asphalt garden loop & 1.6-mile gravel wetland trail offer magnificent views of trees, rivers, prairies, and gardens. Skates & bikes are not permitted. Click here for more info.

Located in the heart of Cincinnati

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The park’s well-kept pathways are the most popular attraction and it doesn’t take long to feel as if you’ve entered another universe. The 1.0-mile asphalt Garden Loop and 1.6-mile gravel Wetland Loop provide fantastic views of trees, rivers, prairies, and gardens.

In addition to hiking trails and beautiful gardens, the park also features a Cotswold Visitor Center and a Nature’s Niche gift shop. You can visit the Glenwood Gardens for free or purchase a yearly parking pass for $10. The yearly pass also gives you access to other parks in the Hamilton County Great Parks system. Visit their website to learn more about the park and its events.

Featuring formal gardens

The formal gardens at Glenwood Gardens offer a tranquil respite from the busy city life. The 335-acre public park features formal gardens, prairies, forests, wetlands, and a gift shop. There is also the 12-acre Highfield Discovery Garden designed with children in mind.

The well-maintained trails are by far the most popular attraction at Glenwood Gardens, and it doesn’t take long for visitors to feel like they’re in another world. The 1.0-mile asphalt paved Garden Loop and the 1.6-mile gravel Wetland Loop wind throughout the park, with magnificent views of trees, rivers, forests, and prairies.

The trails are popular with runners, dog walkers, and families with young kids. A yearly pass for the Great Parks of Hamilton County is available for $10, which includes admission to Glenwood Gardens and other parks as well. Skates and scooters are not allowed on the trails. A must-see place!

Featuring a kids’ garden

If you have a kid in tow, check out the Highfield Discovery Garden inside Glenwood Gardens. This hidden gem features 12 acres of fabulous gardens for kids to explore and discover frogs, fairies, a sleeping dragon, and miniature trains. They can also bounce across a bouncy bridge or climb on the 25-foot Discovery Tree.

The music garden will include five music stations with a variety of outdoor percussive musical instruments, including a tung drum and double-sided chimes. Special plantings will build upon the garden theme, with some plants featuring musical-inspired names or visual appearances that evoke musical inspiration.

This park is part of the Great Parks of Hamilton County and requires a motor vehicle permit to enter (a one-year pass is $10). Guests can stroll along the 1.0-mile paved Garden Loop or hike the 1.6-mile Wetland Loop. The park also has a number of formal and natural gardens, forests, prairies, rivers, and wetlands. It is a great place to explore with the family or spend an afternoon relaxing.

Featuring a gift shop

The gift shop at Glenwood Gardens is a great place to find unique nature gifts. You can also buy items like books, garden tools, and bird feeders. The shop also sells a selection of apparel and gifts for children. The gift shop is operated by the Good Samaritan Hospital Guild and JB Retail Collective. Nurture is located at the entrance of the Visitor Center.

The 335-acre park features formal gardens, prairies, forests, and wetlands. Its 1.0-mile paved Garden Loop trail and 1.6-mile gravel Wetland Loop offer spectacular views of trees, rivers, and other natural landscapes. It doesn’t take long before you start to feel like you are in another world.

The park also has a 12-acre Highfield Discovery Garden designed with kids in mind. It’s a fun and whimsical place to explore, featuring fairies, mushrooms, a wise tree house, and miniature train tracks. It’s an excellent way to use your child’s imagination and is sure to make them happy. Discover more interesting articles.


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