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French Park

French Park is one of the most underrated parks in the entire city. This gorgeous Amberley Village park has miles of hiking trails, creeks, meadows, wooded hillsides, a picnic shelter, and a distant view of Cincinnati.

The focal point of the 275-acre park is the French House, which can be reserved for private parties and weddings. The two-story brick house will make you feel like you’ve stepped back several decades. You’ll be glad you read this!

Hiking Trails

For those who love hiking in Cincinnati, there are plenty of great trails around the city. One of the best hiking trails in Cincinnati is located at French Park in Indian Hill. This is a beautiful trail that is perfect for families with small kids and dogs. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes with good traction while hiking, and bring lots of water.

This 275-acre park has a lot to offer, including miles of hiking trails, meadows, and wooded hillsides. It is also home to The French House, a two-story brick house that can be rented for weddings and other events.

The park is free to visit, and there are plenty of places to relax and enjoy the views. The hiking trails at French Park are well-marked, making it easy to find your way. The Glenwood Gardens trail is short and easy, which makes it a great hike for beginners. Be sure to keep your dog on a leash while hiking at this park, as they are not allowed off-leash.

Picnic Shelter

French Park is one of Cincinnati’s hidden gems. This 275-acre park in Amberley Village is home to the two-story brick French House, miles of scenic hiking trails and creeks, wooded hillsides, meadows, and a picnic shelter. The French House is available for private rentals and the entire park can be reserved for weddings and other special events.

Picnic tables are scattered across the fields, along with a volleyball net and swing set. There’s also plenty of open field space that could be used for baseball, Frisbee, or soccer. A large part of the park is dog friendly, but make sure your dog is leashed. Most people will be seen walking their dogs on the main creek trail and you’ll likely hear someone say 4-5 times during your hike “he/she’s friendly” while passing other pooches off the leash. Alcohol and bouncy houses are NOT allowed at this location. Learn more about Bethel here.

French House

A 275-acre park with miles of hiking trails over varied terrain, gurgling creeks, and a terrific venue for fancy occasions in the French House, this gem in Amberley Village is one of our area’s best-hidden jewels.

Its shining gem is the quaint, two-story brick French House that can be reserved for private parties and weddings. Guests will feel like they’ve stepped back several decades when they enter this historic home. The French House is surrounded by gardens, meadows, and wooded hillsides.

The paved path behind the French House is perfect for kids to go creek stomping, that delightful Midwest tradition of trekking, splashing, and yes, even stomping your feet in a flowing stream. You might even get to see a creek frog or two. Several volunteer opportunities are available for you to get involved in the preservation of this park. These include helping to clear the hiking trails of invasive plants and trimming brush and tree branches.

Event Space

The 275-acre French Park is a stunning backdrop for a wedding. The renowned French House is the focal point, but there are also a variety of picnic shelters and gazebo areas to choose from. And if you need help planning, the park has an event coordinator to guide your day and the budget.

A converted church in downtown OTR is another option for indoor reception space that has plenty of photo locations. There’s also the Taft Museum of Art if you prefer an art-centered venue.

There’s also Drees Pavilion atop Devou Park for couples who want to celebrate with a skyline view. But to rent the place for four hours on a Saturday during peak season, costs more than $18,000, including venue rental and catering expenses. Next blog post.


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